How to Clean Sex Toys

How to Clean and Sanitize Your Sex Toys

Maintaining sexual wellness goes beyond self-exploration and pleasure; it encompasses an essential aspect often overlooked: hygiene. Properly sanitizing your sex toys is crucial to your health, extending the lifespan of your cherished intimate gadgets and ensuring your explorative journey is nothing short of enjoyable.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned enthusiast in the world of adult toys, this guide will walk you through comprehensive, easy-to-follow steps to keep your devices impeccably clean.

So, if you are concerned about how to clean and sanitize your dildo after or before use properly, here’s a beginner’s guide to it.

  1. Understand Your Toy’s Material: The cornerstone of effective sanitization is knowing what your adult toy is made of. Silicone, stainless steel, glass, and hard plastics are non-porous materials, meaning they don’t harbor as many bacteria and are simpler to clean. Conversely, porous materials such as jelly rubber or cyberskin require more meticulous cleaning and aren’t always 100% sanitizable. Always refer to the product’s manual for specific care instructions.
  2. Basic Cleaning After Every Use: Post-play cleaning is non-negotiable. Using warm water and mild, unscented soap, gently clean your toy, ensuring you reach any ridges where bacteria could thrive. For toys with electronic components, use a damp cloth to wipe them down, avoiding submerging them in water unless they are waterproof. Dry them thoroughly with a clean towel or air dry.
  3. Deep Cleaning for Specific Toys: Beyond regular cleaning, certain materials can withstand more rigorous sanitization methods for an extra level of hygiene:
    • Boiling: Silicone, glass, and metal toys without electronic components can be boiled for approximately 10 minutes. Ensure they are completely submerged, and avoid cold surfaces or water to prevent cracking.
    • Dishwasher: Non-motorized silicone, steel, and glass toys can cycle in the dishwasher without detergent. Place them on the top rack using a gentle, heat-free cycle.
    • Bleach Solution: A solution with 10% bleach can be used for a deep clean. Soak the toy for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly and dry. This method is suitable for non-porous materials without motors.
  4. Specialized Cleaners: There are cleaners available designed specifically for sex toys. These solutions can offer a thorough cleaning without damaging your device. They’re particularly beneficial for toys made of materials that require gentle care or are sensitive to alcohol and soap.
  5. Storage Matters: Storing your toys properly is just as crucial as cleaning. Once your toys are dry, store them in pouches made of cloth or satin to keep them clean and safeguard them from dust. Avoid plastic bags that can trap moisture, leading to mould.
  6. Safety First: Never share any sex toys that aren’t sterilized between uses, as this could spread sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you share toys with a partner, consider using condoms on the toys and change the condom with each partner or interaction.
  7. Regular Maintenance Check: Inspect your toys for signs of wear and tear and check batteries for corrosion. If a toy is damaged, its surface can harbor bacteria. In such cases, it’s safer to replace it.

Cleaning your sex toys should be an integral part of your sexual wellness routine. It’s not just about extending the longevity of your pleasure tools, but more importantly, it’s about safeguarding your health.

By following the comprehensive steps above, you’re ensuring a carefree escape into your realms of fantasy and responsibly preventing any unwarranted complications. So, after your journey to euphoria, remember to take time to clean, sanitize, and properly store your toys. After all, taking care of your sex toys is ultimately taking care of you.

Last but not least, always check the adult toy’s manual on cleaning. This is utterly important, and only by following the best practices offered by the manufacturer can you always ensure your sex toy will be clean and ready to use for the next time of sexual pleasure.

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